Bullseye or Experiment?


Filmed & Edited by Ozgur Akerman
Talent: Mason Moore

Sansara, a striking new experimental short film that leaves you wondering and wanting more. Directed, shot, and edited by our very own Ozgur Akyildiz. Sansara, has beautiful and violent cinematography that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A feeling of up close and personal with the man, played by Mason Moore, struggling to get out of the frigged waters that swallow him whole, fighting for that breath of air. Sansara, is a testament to all those with a bluebird in their hearts.

We shot Sansara a year ago, over one night, on no budget, limiting us to only using present lights. I mean no artificial lights. We storied board using an Iphone camera, finding it to be a great tool to prepare ourselves before we went into the actually shooting of it. Most of the shots being done in long continuous takes to give the film a more authentic quality. After the filming wrap, we new for the story to be told correctly the work was going to come in the editing room. It came down to viewing the footage over and over repeatedly. However, the story was not raining true in our heads, so we gave it a break. We dug deeper into the story and found the way to put the footage’s together that match what was original set in our minds. A great composer was also needed to fill the background of the films mood. Therefore; after countless months, hard work, and polishing, finding our composer to be Sympathy 7 and with the help of Charles Bukowski‘s lovely short poem, the truth is there, it’s up to the viewer if they want to seek it.

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