Schnitzly Bar Commercial


Directed & Edited by Ozgur Akerman
Co-Produced by Mason Moore
Sound Designer: David Franklin

When we were contacted by Schnitzly Bar, a rapidly growing fast-food franchise we knew that we had the work cut out for us. Nevertheless, no job is too big for Dreamland Productions so we dived straight into work. When we arrived at the Schnitzly Bar to scout the location, the first thing we notice was the bright colors of the restaurant and the large neon sign on top of the restaurant reading “Schnitzly” our minds automatically started to work towards an idea around a fun hip night out to a restaurant. We directly set into pre-production, discovering the story and the make-up of the whole process in general. We found the tools, equipment, actors, and locations.

Everything was secure and in place we were ready to shoot. Working on a low-budget, only one shoot day and a two-man crew, it was a difficult task but, our goals was to get this right and take a risk, gamble with a shake of the dice if you will. Working from sun up to sun down the two-man crew work extremely hard, but also efficiently to accomplish what was needed. Concluding with the shoot and moving into post-production, we turn the footage’s into magic.  The results were spectacular and the clients were more than pleased.  The Schnitzly commercial is now live on air and receiving great feedback.

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