Behind the Scenes, SodaStream®


Actors by Appearance: Mason J. Moore, Suzanne Mayes, Mitchel Bechtold, Keith Vanetta,
Lauren Smolka, Souheil Soubra
Voice Over Artist: Fentriss Moore

Directed & Edited by Ozgur Akerman
Co-Produced by Mason Moore
Cinematography by Guillermo Franco
Camera Operator: Alexander Gilbert
1st AC: Ryan Meyer
Sound Designer: David Franklin
Production Assistants: Christa Akerman, Melissa Franco
Make-up Artist: Judith Kopp

A winter day in sunny southern California is rear, and turning a sunny day in southern California into a winter day in Germany is nearly impossible.  I say nearly, because amazingly enough, we did in such a way pull this off. This was the challenge we faced in creating this commercial for Sodastream. We needed to find a way to turn southern California into a winter day in Germany. We traveled far and wide, from all over Los Angeles to driving a few hours journey north to a quaint Danish town in southern California that, in truth, mirrored a small town in Germany. The architecture of the buildings and homes could not have been better. We knew getting a crew, cast, equipment, and props up to this town from Los Angeles would not be easy, to say the least and keeping our fingers crossed for a cloudy day was a hopeful wish that did not happen. From the early morning when we were on the road, to the time we arrived, everybody was running, working as a team to get the shoots we needed. We shot up to the very last minutes of sun light until the sun hid itself behind the tall mountains in the west. However, with the great crew and cast we had the shooting day was nothing less than success.

On this commercial we had the privilege to work with Guillermo Franco a talented Director of Photography with over 20 years’ experience. Being able to watch our director, Ozgur and Mr. Franco work together, tweaking lights, adjusting camera angels, and going over the details of set design to make it real and colorful, was a rear and great experience.

For every commercial we do, we gain a greater respect in the art of making a commercial. The project for Sodastream was no different.

All hands down to the people who helped us turned this production into reality!

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