Making of Stacy’s Pita Chips®


Actors by Appearance: Mason J. Moore, Dorisa Day
Voice Over Artist: Maggie H. Taylor

Directed & Edited by Ozgur Akerman
Co-Produced by Mason Moore
Cinematography by Ozgur Akerman
Colorist: Ozgur Akerman
Sound Designer: David Franklin

The sun was still nowhere in sight as the nights darkness still lingering on, a slight chill was in the air, surprising for this time of the summer, the street lamps still burned a yellow light, and inside the homes everyone was sleeping, but us. We were outside, at 5 AM, loading up the car with camera equipment’s, clothes, tools, foods, everything we needed for the quest to find Stacy’s roots. Everything was packed, and with our persistence, the vision in our heads, we knew that we would not return from this journey without creating the story that was in us. So we set sail, driving north through the fog of the morning and watching the sun rise over fields of green grass in search. Our idea was to get back to the begging, the roots of Stacy’s Pita Chips®.

We needed a farm that grew the first essential ingredient in the product, wheat. Well that easier said than done, because little to our knowledge all the wheat has already been harvested for the summer. We drove for 17 hours across the rather large state of California in search of a wheat field and we only came across one single wheat farm, which to our benefit was owned by one of the nicest and hardworking individuals we have had the chance to meet Mike Castellanes. There was a lot to be done and with only a two man crew, he became our third man.

On little to no sleep in a tiny tent, we shoot for 2 consecutive day’s on the farm. After the shoot we raced back to begin post production, and we also still had to shoot the final scene. We would like to thank the actress Dorisa Day for her great communication skills and talent, as well as, Maggie Taylor for her great voice performance and putting up with us for having her do multiple takes over and over again 🙂

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